Render: Vray, IDX, SketchUp

Software:   VRAY 

Rating:       9/10
Cost:          $800
Purpose:    PhotoRealistic Rendering
                   PhotoRealistic Flythrough Animation
Interface:  Google SketchUp, MAYA, RHINO, 3Ds Max, & others.

Comments:   Vray is a  rather sophisticated Rendering Engine, and has the potential to produce Professional Quality PhotoRealistic Renderings from 3D Digital Models.   To produce Great Renderings, I first create a 3D Digital Model with Google SketchUp, and then I access the VRAY "Plug-In" Software inside of the Google SketchUp Platform.   The options & settings available are almost limitless, and can be a bit overwhelming at first glance.  But, I have found some useful VRAY for SketchUp Tutorials, that will help quite a bit.  I highly recommend this Software.

Limitations:  Software is somewhat Expensive & Learning Curve is Moderately Steep.
Examples:      Red Box Idea, as seen on TelkerDesign Visual Studio WebSite
Summary:      YAF / Modern Atlanta Design Competition Entry 2010.
Software:        Google SketchUp & VRAY
Design/Modeling  Hrs:    141 Hours
Rendering Hrs:                 30 Hours        


Software:   IDX Renditioner
Link:           IDX Rendtioner
Forums:     IDX Forums - My IDX Comments

Rating:      8/10
Cost:         $200
Purpose:   PhotoRealistic Rendering
                  3D Lighting / Luminaire Studies
Interface: Google SketchUp

Comments: IDX Renditioner is a USER FRIENDLY Rendering Engine, and has the potential to produce Professional PhotoRealistic Renderings with lighting effects from 3D Digital Models. To produce Renderings/Lighting Studies, I first create a 3D Digital Model with Google SketchUp, and then I access the IDX Renditioner "Plug-In" Software inside of the Google SketchUp Platform. The options & settings available are extremely user friendly, and very intuitive like SketchUp.  Dialog options for Lights are in units that are recognizable to most Architects, Designers, and AEC Professionals, and present Lumens, Watts, etc, with different bulb types and lighting bulb colors.  IDX feels like you are in a Design Lighting Warehouse, with all the Fixture styles and lighting types available.
Materials textures, reflectiveness, and other settings are Super Easy to tweek, and preview, but can lack a bit of the LUSTER of the VRAY software when it comes to Metals & Glass.  Although, I have produced some great projects with IDX, and have seen some great stuff on the IDX Forum galleries.  This tutorial IDX Renditioner for SketchUp Video Tutorials,  will help quite a bit.

Limitations: Software Limitations, IDX Renditioner is does not have translucent capabilities regarding lights, and lights will NOT shine through a transparent material in SketchUp.

Examples:  Virga Law Office, as seen on TelkerDesign Visual Studio WebSite
Summary:  Facade Rennovation of a Downtown Office Building in Florida.

Software:  Google SketchUp & IDX Renditioner
Design/Modeling Hrs: 70 Hours
Rendering Hrs:           30 Hours

*Example of the 3 Software Programs, Chair Project:
   Modeled in:    SketchUp             (Photo Left)
   Rendered in:   IDX Renditioner  (Photo Center)
   Rendered in:   VRAY                 (Photo Right)

Software: ShaderLight

Link:        ShaderLight

Rating:  ?/10
Cost:      $200
Purpose: PhotoRealistic Rendering
                Natural Light Studies

Interface: Google SketchUp, 3Ds Max.

Comments:  I have not used this program, but it looks very Interestiing.
Limitations:  N/A
Examples:    N/A
Summary:    N/A
Software: Google SketchUp & Shaderlight

Design/Modeling Hrs: N/A
Rendering Hrs:           N/A

(No Example of ShaderLight Shown here)

*Other PhotoRealistic Software Programs worth Noting:
*Artlantis, 3DS Max, Mental Ray,